How do I sign up? 

Requirements. Smart Phone, Vehicle, Over 18 years of age.

It's simple! the process is automated and flexible to your schedule. You can reach out to the Facebook Group or Call 801-809-2588

All you'll need to do is:

Send Email Telling us About the Last 2 Jobs and contacts.

Fill in our online member form. Click on Basic. Once you have done that you will receive Activation Invite. Fill out contact information.

We will send you an invite to our Facebook your CityDeliv Facebook Group to Join.

This group is for your local city. Those of you that are members will have the opportunity to make money on you free time. Orders Up will be posted here. Information will be promo codes,tells you who( "Papa Murphys " etc) phone number and address name. You take order by a quick I'll take this one. Call customer introducing yourself advising you will pick up and deliver. Keep them up to date on progress. Payment collection will vary depending on the Business when we sign them up. More on this in private training. 

 Start Submiting your availability times, Login to Group and your ready to start!...... Done!

Common Questions:

How will I be compensated?

Driver Partners are paid per delivery or services performed. The amount paid for each dispatch will be shown before you accept the delivery task 

Can I choose my own hours?

Yes! As an independent contractor partnering with CityDeliv, you always have ultimate control over your schedule.You select the hours you want to Deliver each 3 days. Want to take a vacation? No problem. Only want to Deliver in the mornings? Great. Simply submit the hours you are available. We offer priority access to those who submit their availability by midnight on Tuesdays for the following week. Or, you can submit your availability anytime.

Driver partners that took a recent survey all agreed that the #1 thing is the fantastic flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

How long are the delivery routes and where are the items delivered? 15 milie radius.

If you have further questions, you can refer to your Can Call 801-809-2588 or contact our support team in Local Facebook (cityname)CityDeliv Group.

interested in starting your own in your Zip Call  or Text 801-809-2588  for Appointment?

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